Talks and events
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We chose talks this year with the goal of doing what Sisters in Crime is known for: promoting our authors' careers.
Our meetings are mostly online for now, but as conditions improve, we're easing into some in-person meetings. We're all looking foward to that!
Meanwhile, you can join our meeetings from anywhere. That's been a nice benefit of this difficult time--enjoying offerings from many other Sisters in Crime chapters nationwide.

Coming up in 2023

February 18
TikTok Workshop

TikTok is a powerful place for you and your books to be seen. But it can feel a little intimidating. Join us for our February chapter meeting to watch James Blatch’s presentation on TikTok (bring your own popcorn🍿) then we’ll help you plunge in and make a TikTok yourself in just a few minutes. The nice thing is, an effective TikTok can be short and simple. It doesn’t take much time to put together.
After you register for this online workshop, do these three things: 1) download the TikTok app; 2) set up your free account; and 3) think about the type of song you’d like to use with your post. TikTok has a library of songs you can choose from.

March 18
Engaging with Your Readers:
Shawn Inmon

Shawn Inmon is an award-winning and bestselling author of literary fiction, best known for the “Middle Falls Time Travel” series. He's also a pro at connecting with his readers and building strong relationships with his reader base. He'll talk about engaging your readers and how selling yourself and not just your books can create lifelong fans.

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April 15
Anatomy of a Murder Investigation
Patrick O'Donnell

Find out how a murder investigation really works, from taking notes at the scene of the crime and suspect interviews, to the arrest. A 25-year veteran of one of the largest police departments in the country, Patrick O'Donnell operates the great crime writer resource Cops and Writers podcast and writes books of his own.

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May 20
Interview with Kellye Garrett

Author Kellye Garrett, author of the award-winning Hollywood Homicide mysteries and the bestselling novel Like a Sister will talk about branding, her books and her author career.

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July 15
Using Tech to Revise your Writing:
Bobbie Christmas

"Book doctor" Bobbie Christmas has more than thirty years of experience diagnosing and fixing problems with books. She's developed a system of using your computer to improve your manuscript, which she'll talk about and demonstrate.

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