Alec Peche: Sicilian Murder

July 9, 2019

In book 9 of the Jill Quint series, Jill has been called to Sicily to investigate the death of American Randy Chen, CEO of a natural supplements company. He was found dead in the crater of Mount Edna, an apparent victim of a fall down the steep hillside of the crater. Italian authorities ruled his death as natural with no police investigation of the circumstances.

Jill's autopsy reveals something starkly different and Jill, Angela, and Marie are hired on to find the mysterious product that Randy Chen was pursuing in Sicily and therefore the killer that caused Randy's death. Was it olive oil or a bee pollen product? Or was this mysterious product even the cause of Randy's death?

As Jill and crew travel the ancient roads of Sicily, someone is watching them. Is it Randy's killer or someone else with a little too much curiosity about the Americans?

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